First blog post

Hello, any who have wandered off the beaten path and found this quiet pavilion.

I have a story that I have been slowly writing for almost a decade. It isn’t very long. What I wrote as a first chapter has turn into more of an outline for another story. My problem is I’m afraid of someone stealing it if I post it. Not because I think my writing is great, but because people these days like to repost things without giving credit.

Despite this, I have been thinking more about posting it here. So in the coming days if I have time I will be looking over my story and posting a bit of it.

For those curious about the name of my blog. These days I have been reading a lot of Chinses novel on  NovelUpdates. So for those familiar with the historical settings. Welcome to my courtyard. I like to envision this as my quiet pavilion by a pond where I can write in peace.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful day.